Speed Development – Thursday 28 July 2022

25 July 2022 - By Scott Darney

  • What:     Speed Development Jake Wightman Surprise
  • Where:  Football Pitch at Maldon Road Park  (Behind the Cricket pitch / what.three.words meeting point: hothouse.enormous.utter)
  • When:    7:30pm meet (please do a warm up jog before meeting time)

This weeks Speed development will be in honour of newly crowned World Champion Jake Wightman but not the sessions that we are familar withat WRC.  When my best mate Jake provided me with the session we know and love, he also gave me another session which I held back for a special occaision and having won the World 1500m title in Oregon last week, there is no better reason than to release this bad boy!

More details will be provided on the night but you do not need to pre-program you just need to know how to manually lap your watch if you want to geek over your splits later (not a euphanism).

The session will be approximately 30 minutes and you can use the below form to sign up.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Scott and Karen.



Speed Development Session
    • Will
    • Celine Elson – Run
    • James Attenborough – Marshal
    • Daniel Griffiths – Run
    • Shane Ketteridge – Marshal
    • David Jobling – Marshal
    • Ann Johnson – Marshall
    • Lysia Jiggins – Run
    • Dean Whittaker – Marshal
    • Ian Cuthbert – Run
    • Mick Conroy Run
    • Max Leech – Run
    • Glen waller-run
    • Simon Scott marshal
    • Fiona Collins – Marshal
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Steven Alder – marshal
    • Heydon run and Marshall if required
    • Angela Read – Marshall
    • Alex Potter – Run
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – Marshal
    • Jamie Davidson – Marshall
    • Andy Lager run
    • Andrew Read – Run
    • Chris Martin – run

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