Speed Development Session – Thursday 4th April – Reducing Reps.

30 March 2024 - By Kerry Townsend

The aim of this weeks session is to work on your end of race pacing.

Please meet at Eastways (W3W – revised.workouts.shifts, near Arnie’s Dog Groomers, CM8 3YS) at 7.30pm having done a warm up jog (at least 10 minutes please).   We will then take you through a warm up and some drills before starting the sessions.

The session for this week is:

  • 1k rep (2 and a half laps) – run @ HM Pace  x 2 with 120 second recovery after each rep.
  • 800m rep (2 laps)  – run @ 10k Pace x 2 with 90 second recovery after each rep.
  • 400m (1 lap) x- run @ 5k pace x 2 with 60s recover after each rep.
  • 200m  x 2 (half a lap) – run at slightly faster than 5k pace with 30s recovery after each rep.

As you will appreciate, some of you may be finishing quicker than others and we would therefore suggest that some of the faster runners run an additional 400m rep.   Everyone should aim for their total session time to be somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes.

We would ask that if you can, that you programme the session into your running watch as it is is difficult for coaches to time recoveries etc. for so many of you.  This will also  enable you to ensure that you get the most out of the session.

As always, it is your session and your paces should be adapted as necessary to account for your training and racing (do speak to us before if you want to have a chat about this).

After the session we will then do a cool down and some stretches.  If you are running home or don’t stay for stretches, please do make sure you stretch as soon as you get home.

This session is suitable for all abilities/paces, so some come along, work hard and have some fun!

Karen and Kerry.

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