Speed Development Session – 300s

1 February 2022 - By Becky Grimwood

Hi all!

300s is a popular session and returned to regularly as a great way to get a bit of speed consistency in our legs. Details for this Thursday are as follows…

This session is suitable for all abilities – if you’re new, or returning from injury/ illness/ a running break, please chat to one of us beforehand so we can adapt the session for you if needed.

Please do a warm jog of around 10 minutes before the session and meet at Gershwin’s Boulevard for 7:30pm where, following some dynamic stretches, our activity will take place on the wide footpath that runs the south & east side of the pond.

The marked line around the pond is 300m long so we will be running out, resting, then running back, resting and repeating.  The start will be slightly further down than drawn here, so as to finish at the top corner of the pond rather than outside houses. and back. As all abilities will be sharing the path and crossing at points, it is important to keep to the left on your direction of running, and also be aware of others users of the footpath (especially dog walkers).

Pace will be based on your current goal 5k pace (or slightly faster), with a 1 min recovery at the end of each rep, before you turn around and run back in the opposite direction. Recovery will be pottering around on the grassy areas rather than standing still so as not to get too cold. Pacing is important here – you should end your last rep at the same pace as your first – so don’t go off too quickly!

There will be 2 periods of 15 minutes, with a 2 minute recovery between sets. We will guide you on how much time is left on the set and in the session. Then a gentle cool down of 1-2 laps of the pond and some stretching, you can do this at home if you are familiar with it and wish to get home quickly. Runners might expect to run between 5 & 7 reps of 300m per 15 minute set, based on your 5k race pace.

As previous sessions recently, the skills focus will be on arm drive. Think back to what you have learnt in previous sessions, but don’t worry if you haven’t attended for a while – Karen and I will be there to recap and support you. If anyone would like me to specifically observe your arm drive or positioning or want feedback, please let me know.

See you there!


Speed Development Session
    • Lisa Leader, Marshall
    • Shane Ketteridge- Marshall
    • Colsey
    • Colsey – marshal
    • Leanne Andrews Run
    • Karen Flowers, Marshall
    • Andrew Read – Marshall
    • Angela Read, Marshall
    • Sarah Naughton – Marshall
    • Céline Marshall
    • Beth Shippey- Marshall
    • Fiona Collins – Run
    • Wally-run
    • Nadia – run
    • Lucy _ run
    • Clive Smith
    • Damien and Luca Walsh (both to Marshall)
    • James Montgomery – Marshall
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Geoff Reddin run
    • Nick O’Hare
    • Dawn Shilling – Run
    • Maggie Mason Run



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