Speed Development 22 February 2024 – 300s

18 February 2024 - By Jodee Mayer

We are back at Gershwin this week for 300m efforts.

If you are coming back from an injury, or racing at the weekend please don’t make the efforts too hard for yourself.  If have any concerns please speak to the coaches or drop us a note in advance in the Leave A Reply section below.

We will meet near the start at Gershwin Boulevard (WWW richer.twin.ritual, near to the green marker below). Please arrive warmed up for a prompt 7.30 p.m. start where, following some dynamic stretches, the reps will be run on the wide footpath that runs the south & east side of the pond.

As you’ll be running up and down it is important to keep to the left on your direction of running, and also be aware of others users of the footpath (especially dog walkers).

Pace will be based on your goal 5k pace (or slightly faster), with a 1 min standing/walking recovery at the end of each rep, before you turn around and run back in the opposite direction. Pacing is important here – you should end your last rep at the same pace as the first.  Runners should expect to run between 5 & 7 reps of 300m per 15 minute set, based on your 5k race pace.

There will be 2 periods of 15 minutes, with a 2 minute recovery between sets, followed by a gentle cool down and some stretching.  If you decide not to stay for stretches, please make sure you do so as soon as you get home.

These effort sessions are designed to make you a more efficient and effective runner and are suitable for every runner and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Sasha and Jodee

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