September 2023 CMOTM

19 October 2023 - By Steven Alder

A huge well done to our Club Member of the Month for September 2023 – Clarice Sanderson.

Clarice completed the Dragons Back Race; our very own Dragon Back conqueror, with temperatures regularly hitting 36 degrees (in Wales!). 6 Days, 108 Miles, 24,500 ft elevation, and several WRC Vests. In the preceding 9 months she spent countless hours running around Danbury, embraced yoga and strength training, and spent more time on the stair stepped than anyone should in a lifetime.

Most CMOTMs are earned for races, well nobody could ever achieve what Clarice has this past month! Not only is she extremely supportive of everyone around her, but she lifted all our spirits taking on this challenge, this little dragon tamer lives the dream! Three cheers, Clarice!

Well done to our other nominees:

Andrew Read – Going out of his way to pick up struggling Essex Way competitors who were unable to get back to the start and pick up their cars. Definitely above and beyond. For running 29 miles at Rebellion and then the very next day running Langham 10k! Andrew also ran the Thaxted Tral Halt in September along with the Braintree track 5K.

Damien Walsh – For his great performance on all his runs and races in September.

Matt Jordan – Imagining, creating and then organising a new race – The Muntjac Trail. Matt decided to add some variety to the local race calendar, started a company and race event from scratch and then made it happen. The event was superb, refreshing, innovative and challenging – quite different from anything many of us had enjoyed before. To be Run Director for an established event is hard enough, to start from scratch is a great achievement. He even ran through the early hours to set up and make it happen.

Jodee Mayer – For her commitment to back to back marathon training blocks leading to a great performance at the Berlin marathon.

Tom Warman – He took on The Ultra X in the Peak District which had over 6000ft of elevation. Tom finished in 8:09:15 coming 129th.

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