SD Session Thursday 25 November – Moneghetti….

23 November 2021 - By Jodee Mayer


A twist on my firm favourite, the Moneghetti Fartlek, Scott has devised a Moneghetti Pyramids session for us this week.

Please meet at 7.30pm at the usual spot at Eastways (CM8 3YS) having completed a warm up jog before meeting, though we will ask you to run 400m round the loop before starting the warm up drills.

Following a similar structure to the Moneghetti Fartlek, the session plan is as a follows:

  • 4 x 60s with 60s recovery after each effort
  • 4 x 30s with 30s recovery after each effort
  • 4 x 15s with 15s recovery after each effort
  • 4 x 30s with 30s recovery after each effort
  • 4 x 60s with 60s recovery after each effort

The mathematically gifted amongst you may have noticed that this has increased the usual Moneghetti session from 20 minutes to 26 minutes, but it is still a short and sharp session.

The aim would be to start out at 5k pace and progress the pace on the shorter efforts and then regress back to 5k pace. However, actual pace is not hugely important and focus should be on making the shorter efforts faster than the longer efforts  – so that the pace chart looks like a pyramid.

If you want to programme paces into your watch, you can use a recent race or time trial time and use the McMillan pace calculator for guidance.

After the session, members who want to do a cool down jog home should please ensure that they undertake some cool down stretches afterwards. Kerry and I will run cool down stretches after a cool down jog/walk of at least 2 loops.


Speed Development Session
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We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Jodee & Kerry




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