Results w/e 26 June 2022

27 June 2022 - By Jodee Mayer

Springfield Striders Friday Night 5

A great turnout of black and gold for this Club Champs and Essex Championship race.


Peter Coates                 25:45                3rd Overall

Heydon Mizon               29:19

Pete Riley                     29:51

Leo Cole                       31:54

Mark Austin                   32:06                V60 Gold

Daniel Griffiths              32:08

Simon Cresswell            32:13

Andrew Smith               32:28

David Carey                  34:15

Alex Stuckey                 35:07

Ben O’Leary                  37:13

Clive Smith                   37:20

Chris Beasley                37:24

James Attenborough     37:56                PB

Shane Ketteridge          42:38                PB



Rachel Dingley              37:21

Liz Stuckey                   38:11

Sharon Read                 38:33

Lindsey Morgan            39:38

Fiona Collins                 42:06

Dawn Shilling                43:30

Anita Grainger               44:07

Celine Elson                 44:33                PB

Sarah Naughton            46:34

Leanne Andrews           47:15

Natalie Lilley                 48:31                PB

Jodee Mayer                 51:50


Stowmarket Friday 5

Adam Hocken and Anthony Smith were in Stowmarket for another 5 mile race, finishing in 42:00 and 41:05 respectively.


ETE Willingale Wander

Terry Alabaster was out on the trails again for this 6.2 mile race, coming 2nd in a time of 49:15.


Brighton Trail Marathon

Clarice Sanderson was in the South Downs this weekend, and finished the trail marathon in 06:22:03.


Triathlon World Championships

Angela Wray was in Toronto this weekend, competing in the Triathlon World Championships, where she came 9th in the world in her age category – an incredible achievement – in a time of 01:15:05 with the split times as follows: 750m Swim: 12:20 (T1: 03:05), 20km Bike: 33:32 (T2: 03:34), 5km Run: 22:43.

Not content with that, she seems to have got up the next day and competed in the relay, with her team coming 6th in the world! (Individual results are not available, but Strava suggests: 300m swim: 05:56, 5k bike: 08:36, 1.6km run: 07:01).


Great work all!



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