Results 27/08

29 August 2023 - By James Blackshaw

Outrun 24

Three WRCers at this endurance running event by Hare & Tortoise. Lysia Jiggins went the furthest, running a whopping 55 miles, Ben Roberts managed 35 miles, and Shane Ketteridge completed four laps to total 10 miles. Good work all.


Horses For Courses

The Reads were at this 4.25 mile Mid Essex Casuals trail event, with Angela finishing in 1:03:52, and Andrew coming in behind her 6 seconds later.


Park Run Milestone

Ross Silverton completed an incredible 250 Parkruns on Saturday after completing Basildon Parkrun. A genuinely remarkable achievement. Congrats Ross.



Thought for the week: “Be the sort of person who should never be on speaker phone.”



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