Results 27/03/2022

28 March 2022 - By James Blackshaw

Orion 15

The Orion is one of my favourite cars manufactured by Fords during the 80s. It took the already popular Escort, and added a boot, creating a vehicle more suitable to larger families but without the higher cost of a Sierra. I personally owned an Orion Ghia 1.6. None of that has anything to with the this race, apart from the very loose connection in the name. For some reason 15 miles races always seem to be over tough terrain, and the Orion 15 is no exception, located around the Epping Forest area and taking in around 1,500ft of elevation. Great work to our four plucky runners who took part.

38th – Andy Lager – 2:05:50

88th -Terry Alabaster – 2:28:50

137th – Andrew Read – 2:54:24

148th – Lysia Jiggins – 3:21:23


Bedford Autodrome Running Grand Prix

Tom Warman was at this one, and by the looks of his Strava was pacing his sister to her first 10k, in 57:12. Good work!



Thought For The Week: “Humans are 75% water. We are basically cucumbers with anxiety.”


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