Pub runs – The Old Crown, Messing

10 August 2016 - By Stewart Waller

Despite the notoriously difficult car parking our second run of the summer from The Old Crown in Messing attracted a large attendance proving what a popular venue it is with 34 staying on for food.

The soaking that we experienced shortly after setting off soon evaporated and quickly turned to perspiration once the gradual but long climb back to the pub commenced.

Top marks go to Tracey D. who, I observed, was the only one wearing hi-viz. Yes, ok, I forgot mine as well, but as I mentioned last week, however, the slower groups will begin to notice the encroaching gloom and so it is a good idea to start wearing them. If you don’t have one then see our kit officer, Theresa, who will be happy to sell you one.

Next week it is back to The Compasses at Gt Totham where you can ‘enjoy’ another route that has a bit of a climb towards the finish – but it is still a good ‘un – and so is the pub!

See you there.



  1. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    I had my head torch but thankfully didn’t need it! πŸ˜‰

  2. Stewart Waller Stewart Waller says:

    I noticed that. I thought it was a web cam – or whatever you call them.

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