Pub runs facilities

11 May 2018 - By Stewart Waller

As far as ‘post run’ dining is concerned the first three pub runs have seen slightly lower numbers of runners staying for food/drinks. Last week at the Green Dragon it was 21. So what you ask? Well apart from supporting the pubs that we are dependent upon for hosting us (it is not a given that we can just turn up mob handed and be welcomed) it is also a social occasion when you can get to know fellow members a little better (should you want to of course!) and just chill out.

Maybe next week will be busier when we are at The Monkey (The Rayleigh Arms) in Terling (CM3 2PW). We first visited this venue last summer and it proved an immediate hit with members so we went back there again. Unfortunately it was so popular it took a while for all the food to get served but service will be better this time.

So if you haven’t been to a pub run this summer yet or stayed on afterwards for a drink give it a try next Tuesday.

Hope to see you there.

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