Papermill Lock Trail run: 11/12/2022 9am

5 December 2022 - By James Attenborough

The Details:

  • Distance: 10 miles
  • Meeting time & location9:00am @Papermill Lock (please see parking note below)
  • What do you needTrail shoes are essential. Obviously check the weather the night before for temperature/wetness and adjust your clothing to suit.
  • What pace will we be running atThere will be a maximum of three pace groups e.g 8-9s, 9-10s and 10s+, one led by myself and any others who know the route. We’ll gauge the pace groups depending on who signs up. Nobody is too slow. If anyone wants to lead a quick group, the GPX is here:
    There are plenty of rest points throughout the route. Please adhere to the usual WRC run etiquette and ensure if someone is dropping off your group to make sure you do turn backs etc. The main point of this run is for the social element.
  • Where can I park: There are quite a few lay-bys around the entrance to the lock, so please initially use these. Also, please try to car share as much as possible.
  • Can I get a drink & snacks afterwards: Yes, the tea rooms provide a host of lovely treats, and it would be a nice gesture if a few of us stayed behind for a hot chocolate, etc afterwards, as a thanks for allowing us to use their car park.

Any questions, let me know.

Tuesday Pub Run Sign Up
    • Ben Roberts – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Lisa Leader – 1030’s +
    • Angela Wray – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Karen Flowers – 1030’s +
    • Steffan Doherty – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Céline – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Lysia Jiggins – 1030’s +
    • Christine Israel-Jones – 1030’s +
    • Andy (if my cold goes by then) Lager – 8-9 min/miles
    • Sian Tate – 1030’s +
    • Pete Riley – 8-9 min/miles
    • Vicki Riley – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Luke Tanner – 9-10.30s min/miles
    • Matt j – 9-10.30s min/miles

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