Orion 15 Results

3 April 2016 - By Anita Grainger

6 WRC members took on the Orion 15 on Saturday, described as 15 miles of pure old school cross country through Epping Forest which gets tougher as the miles tick by. Chris Martin was our first man home with a new muddy complexion to go with it . Our next man home was Leo Cole followed by Stuart Mills, Andy Lager and Keith Taylor.  Wendy Martin represented our ladies contingent. Well done all !

Full results below


Place     Time
49 Chris Martin 2:03:29
55 Leo Cole 2:06:05
80 Stuart Mills 2:11:29
96 Andrew Lager 2:15:04
167 Keith Taylor 2:29:15
295 Wendy Martin 3:17:29


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