“No Tech” Run 02/04/24

30 March 2024 - By Karen Flowers

At last, the start of the Spring/ Summer season!!

On Tuesday we will meet at the Witham Football Club at 6:45pm for a 7pm start. Please park either at the Leisure Centre or on Blunts Hall Road or jog/ walk down where possible.

We will do the announcements slightly earlier at 6:55pm so that we can ensure that all runners get to the finish while it is still light.

So here are the “rules”:

Ensure your phones and/ or watches are left either at home or in your car.

When you arrive at the football club, please give your predicted time to either Sue, Beth or myself.

To help you ‘predict’: If you want to run 10 min miles you will need to give a time of 50 mins to us or if you’re a 11:30 min runner, then 57 mins 30 secs etc.

After the announcements we will jog to the Rugby Club back gate and we will then set you off.

The route will be the usual BD5 route with the finish line being the Football Club gate at the top of the Club driveway.

The winners will be the runners closest to their predicted time.

You can run this however you choose, but remember that its not a race, its just a chance to practice how good you actually are at “running to feel”.

If you want to run as a group of course you are more than welcome.

Please continue to wear hi-viz and headtorches as the light will definitely start to fade towards the end of the run.

Cant wait to see you there!!

Karen, Sue and Beth


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