New pace group for Tuesday nights

2 October 2017 - By Becky Grimwood

This coming Tuesday (3rd October) I will be leading a new 11 min/mile pace group.

Pace groups are decided by membership makeup and recently there have been fewer members at this pace, leading to a 10 min/mile ‘plus’ group.

I know that we have several members who would be keen to run at 11 min /mile so I am hoping for a good uptake this week! Leading a pace group is simple, all members can do it, but I will give advice so runners feel confident in taking the baton on the following weeks. Let’s make an 11 min / mile group part of our Tuesdays again 😃

If you know anyone who is thinking about joining WRC but is worried about keeping pace in the other groups, this is the perfect opportunity to invite them along for a trial.

See you all Tuesday!
Happy Running.


  1. Martina Byrne says:

    Hi Becky

    Congrats on the graduation of the second Intro to Runners Group.

    I think it would help to add a section to the Running Club Etiquette, specifically for Group Leaders to include your advice for leading a group. It’s not just the newbies that lack confidence in taking up the baton.

    I’m sure we’ve all experienced some great Group leading and also experienced some leaders who would benefit from your advice (I include myself in this!)

    If there is a point of reference on the website I am sure more runners would enthusiastically step forward for the task.


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