New Feature – Submitting Race Results

2 April 2022 - By Jason Lilley

In order to make sure you get the recognition you deserve for all your fantastic results, we have created a ‘Results Submission’ page on our website.  When you use this form to submit your results, they will get sent to our Press Secretary and Results team, who will proceed to sing your praises to anybody who will listen.

The page is live now and can be found under the ‘Links’ menu on our website, or here.

Please try to use this new feature to submit as many of your results as possible going forward.  Our results team will still try their best to find WRC results at popular races, but you can make their job a lot easier by submitting them yourself, especially if you know you have achieved a PB, or if you are doing an obscure race that they wouldn’t think to look at.

In order to make sure your results are included when we publish our round up, please ensure you have submitted them by Sunday night each week.  This will also help us to make sure we can meet the deadlines for our local papers.

We will capture PBs using this new form in the future, so we have removed the old ‘PB Submission’ link.

If you have any questions, please let me know!



  1. Simon Scott Simon Scott says:

    Pb for me Essex 20. Time 241:23. First run at this distance, 5x around Debden airfield, pretty boring!!

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