NESS Race 5 – Results

19 February 2024 - By Jodee Mayer

The roads into Hadleigh on Sunday morning gave a very wet forewarning for the last NESS XC race of the season. A true team effort meant that we were able to get the gazebo to the field, though Annalise and I seriously regretted walking through the “puddle” in our “waterproof” shoes….

The black and gold turned out again, with huge thanks again to our photograph takers and cheerer extraordinaires Angela R, DJ, Nicola, and Mia – without clipboard today but with binoculars for some eagle eyed black and gold spotting. Thank you also to our bakers, Nic and Vicki R, and Nat for the bonus cakes.


We really have had an excellent NESS XC season. With the Striders back in Pool A, our previous 4th place finishes were looking under threat, but you have all put in some outstanding performances and we have come 3rd, beating both the Striders and our old rivals Great Bentley. We are exceptionally proud captains.

Results from Race 5 as follows:


We had 8 runners who attended all 5 NESS XC events this season:

  • Dawn Shilling
  • Glen Waller
  • James Attenborough
  • Jamie Davidson
  • Matthew Rees
  • Owen Dare
  • Vicki Riley
  • Will Radley

Most of you can probably therefore work out that the winners of the Cross Country Trophies are Will Radley and Vicki Riley – congrats both!

A massive thanks to all of our photograph takers, scorers, cheerers, and bakers this season as well – as always, it has been fabulous to see the black and gold lining the finishing straight.


In the end, it was very close and came down to the no-shows, with the Wall-Es taking the trophy home this year.

Congratulations Jamie D, Ian C, Simon S, James M, Clarice, and Glen.

Thank you to each and every person who has turned up to a muddy field on a Sunday morning over the last 5 months. It really has been amazing.

Don’t give up the trail running over the next 8 months as the Captains have lofty ambitions for the 2024/2025 season… 🖤💛🖤💛

Annalise and Jodee



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