Membership survey – we want to hear from you!

23 November 2017 - By Marc Underdown

Many of you will have seen an email you should have received yesterday inviting you to take part in a short survey to gather some feedback from you about the club.

We are aware that the club has grown very fast over the last 18 months. At the last couple of committee meetings we have been discussing our growth, as we are very keen to ensure that we maintain the positive things which make us the club we are, whilst at the same time trying to prevent negative experiences. Getting your feedback is clearly the most direct way of measuring what we do!

We do really want to get your feedback so we have made the survey anonymous so you can tell us exactly what you think. It would be great if most of you could complete the survey.

I am hoping the results will provide the committee with some really useful feedback which will shape the agenda over the rest of this year and into the next committee year. I am also committed to sharing some headline outputs from the survey with you.


  1. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Hi Marc
    Firstly, I have had some disquiet from some of our slower runners who feel a bit left out as they feel there is a lot of pressure to do pbs and all they want to do is run and enjoy! They do appreciate the fact that as the club has grown somewhat this is going to happen. One of the girls I bumped into in town said that last time she came there were no turnbacks and she consequently got lost! I told her that if that was the case I didn’t mind taking the slower group on a Tuesday as I can always do my own pace run during the day.
    Secondly, can the

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