Membership Renewals 2022/2023

27 April 2022 - By James Attenborough

So far 125 of you have renewed or joined up since the 1st of April. This is amazing and way ahead of where we normally are this early into the membership year so thank you to all who have renewed already!

I’ve also noticed a fair few members rejoining us after a few years away! It’ll be great to see you all back running and racing! I have a small plea on two parts:

1.If you intend to renew/join, please do so at the earliest opportunity. It makes my life easier reducing chasers etc and especially when ordering EA licences as I can do them in batches.

2. Please reach out to members who may not have run with us for a few years and especially since Covid! We will always be a welcoming club to runners of all abilities.

For those who aren’t sure which membership to buy they are briefly summed up here:

  • Individual Training (£30): Standard membership
  • Non Training (£15): For those members who can’t make any club nights but still want to race in our club colours and in cross country etc. Also appropriate for those who may have moved away from the area but will want to support the club.
  • Family Membership (£50): For two or more individuals who live at the same address.
  • Student (£15): For members over the age of 18 in full time education
  • Over 65s(£10): Self explanatory.

Add £16 per person to each price if you want the EA licence.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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