May Day 10

4 May 2018 - By Marc Underdown

To all the wonderful people who will helping on Monday, you’ll probably already know that this bank holiday weekend is very different because it is hot and sunny across the three days! Even though you’ll not be moving as much as the runners, please stay hydrated so if you’re out marshalling on the course take your own refreshment. Also if you’re prone to a big if sunburn, don’t forget the suntan cream!


  1. Anthony Smith says:

    Have you got me down as one of your helper’s Marc ?
    Anthony Smith.

  2. Marc Underdown Marc Underdown says:

    Hi Tony, I don’t think so, as I don’t that I got a notification from the volunteer option on the website or the post on Facebook. Assuming everybody turns up we looking ok, but feel free to come along in case.

  3. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    Anthony – if you can get there and marshal the juniors instead of me that would be fab. I’ve ideally got to get away earlier than planned so could do with leaving after the main race starts. Won’t leave without anyone to cover though. Let me or Marc know if you can. Thanks, Becky.

  4. Anthony Smith says:

    I’m ok with that.What time do you me at the club Becky.

  5. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    I would get to the junior race by 10 (it’s in the rugby field) but probably a good idea to get to the club before, say 9:30 so you can talk to Tracey about where you’ll be standing etc. Park at the football club. Marc – if an emergency comes up and you need Anthony elsewhere I don’t mind.

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