May Day 10 – WRC members

28 February 2022 - By Marc Underdown

You may have noticed that entries for our May Day 10 race are now being more widely promoted. Our normal membership policy that prevents our own members from taking part in our own races will not apply for this race as it is part of the Essex Road Championship series.

Therefore, our members can take part, but they should hold a valid EA license and intend to enter a majority of the Essex Grand Prix races in 2022.

Whilst we respect that some of our members will want to run, we will still need over 60 of you to volunteer for the race to be successful and show off our club at its best. There are plenty of early tasks, and I strongly encourage members to volunteer for these tasks if they wish to take part in the race, or ask a family member to volunteer in their place.

In a few weeks time I will start seeking volunteers formally. However, you do not have to wait, and I will be very pleased to hear from anyone who can offer help on the day.

It should be a great event, so I hope that you will be able to help us to achieve that.


  1. Celine Elson Celine Elson says:

    I would like to be a volunteer please.

  2. Mark Austin Mark Austin says:

    I would like to volunteer please.

  3. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    Happy to help out with whatever is needed.

  4. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    I would be happy to volunteer.

  5. Scott Darney Scott Darney says:

    Happy to be available and if I can have a dual role that enables me to run also, all the better!

  6. Ross Silverton says:

    Hi Marc
    Please will you put me down for car park duty as I am taking part in the run.

  7. Lysia Jiggins Lysia Jiggins says:

    Hi Marc. I’m going to run and Paul will volunteer.


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