May Day 10 volunteers

9 April 2018 - By Marc Underdown

Firstly thank you to those who are continuing to come forward and volunteer to help out for our May Day 10 race. I’m hopeful that May Day 10 will again show off our club at its best, and the reputation for this race will start building.

However for that to happen, I need to ensure I have all the roles covered and I am currently still looking for a few more people to come forward.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t volunteered before, or even if you are still relatively new to the club, as we will tell you everything you need to know. Those who have helped out before will know that being on the ‘hosting’ side of a race can actually be a lot of fun and is a rewarding experience.

If you can help out, please use the form below.


Marc (May Day 10 Race Director) / Steve Hennings (Chief Marshal)


Marshall Volunteer – Boxing Day 5


  1. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Hi – I will gladly help out but I am down to run as well if this is ok! Colsey

  2. Sue Smith says:

    I’ve put myself forward as a definite. Andy may be able to help too but he’ll need to bring the dog so a busy road junction would be a no no and an early stand down would be needed.

  3. Owen Dare owen Dare says:

    I am available to help for May Day 10 if needed for anything other cooking as you would not want to eat anything I make

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