May Day 10 volunteers

27 April 2022 - By Marc Underdown

Let me firstly say a massive thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help with May Day 10 on Monday. I know you will all do WRC proud.

Emails have gone out to everyone setting out your role, and a summary is also attached below.

If for any reasons your circumstances change, and you can no longer help, please let me know as soon as possible. It is also not to late for anyone to offer help as it always helps to have some contingency in the event anyone is unable to make it.

I look forward to seeing you all at the event!

Thanks, Marc

MD10 Race Director

Race Director 08:00 Marc Underdown
Chief Marshal 08:00 Liz Prior
Lead Water Station 08:15 Karen Flowers
Lead  setup 08:00 Nat Lilley
Lead Course setup 08:00 Jason Lilley
Course Marshals
A 09:15 Sarah Naughton + Max
B 09:15 Paul Jiggins
C 09:15 Paul English
D 09:15 Matt Jordan
E 09:15 Rich Green
F 09:15 Shane Ketteridge
G 09:15 Leanne Andrews
H 09:15 Samuel Hajder
I 09:15 Anita Grainger
J 09:15 Nichola Norman
K 09:15 Chris Beazley
L 09:15 David Grainger
M 09:15 Ian Lucas
N 09:15 Mark Austin
O 09:15 Mike Struthers
P 09:15 David Mason
Q 09:15 Trevor Johnson
R 09:15 Sarah Naughton
S 09:15 Nicola Digby
SF1 – START/FINISH 09:45 Jason Lilley
SF2 – START/FINISH 09:45 Liz Prior
SF3 – START/FINISH 09:45 Nat Lilley / Sasha Rush
SF4 – START/FINISH 09:45 David Jobling
Lead Bike 09:30 Alex Stuckey
Tail Rider 09:30 Ann Johnson
Water Station 
Lead 09:00 Karen Flowers
A 09:30 Libby Woodhull
B 09:30 Beth Shippey
C 09:30 Dan Griffiths
D 09:30 David Carey
E 09:30 Colin Short
F (sub-lead) 09:30 Pete Banks
G 09:30 Clarice Sanderson
H 09:30 Andy Notley
I 09:30 Alana Rush
A 08:30 David Underdown
B 08:30 Ross Silverton


HQ (In and Out) setup
A 08:00 Graham Eyre Inside
B 08:00 Lysia Jiggins
C 08:00 Sarah Naughton
D 08:00 Andrew Watson A Signs and Finish
E 08:00 Paul Jiggins
F 08:00 Paul English
G 08:00 Matt Jordan B Gazebos and tables
H 08:00 Rich Green
I 08:00 Gary Elson
J 08:00 Danny Connor
K 08:00 Pete Riley
L 08:00 Trevor Johnson C Start area
M 08:00 Alex Stuckey
N 08:00 Liz Stuckey
O 08:00 Kev Harper D Parking signs
P 08:00 Adam Salkeld
Course Set Up
A 08:00 Jason Lilley
B 08:00 Mark Austin
C 08:00 Heydon Mizon
D 08:00 Scott Darney
E 08:00 David Jobling
F 08:00 Shane Ketteridge
Runner registration
Number Collection A 08:30 Jodee Mayer
Number Collection B 08:45 Celine Elson
Number Collection C 08:45 Annalise Tye
Number Collection D 08:45 Gary Elson
Number Collection E 08:45 Angela Read
On the Day entries 08:45 Kerry Townsend
On the Day entries 08:45 Maxine Reech
Information Point 09:00 Andrew Read
Post Finish
T-Shirts A 10:45 Jodee Mayer
T-Shirts B 10:45 Celine Elson
Water A 10:45 Annalise Tye
Water B 10:45 Angela Read
A 09:00 Suzie Low
B 09:00 Amanda Martin
A 09:30 Sue Underdown
B 09:30 Jenny Layley
C 09:30
General Runners
09:00 Andrew Read


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