May Day 10 thanks

7 May 2018 - By Marc Underdown

The heat is just starting to diminish and I’ve now got a little time to reflect on today. Being both chairman and Race Director means that I am doubly proud of everyone as quite simply you are the best. You’ve all helped bring the race to life no matter what your role was. As you saw it takes an extraordinary amount of people to cover everything and it only takes one area to fail and runners will moan! People mucked in, used initiative, and otherwise did what they were asked. Runners have passed on lots of positive feedback about the volunteers and you all deserve the praise. May Day 10 will show a good profit, allowing us to make a good charitable donation. But showing how well we host races also helps to bring in new members, and help with returning entrants for our future races. So pat yourselves on the back and know your were part of a very successful event. I simply can’t thank you all enough.



  1. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    And a huge well done to you Marc, super organisation as always. I hope you’re having a well deserved rest and large drink!

  2. Jo Smythe says:

    It was a great day and, as always, a privilege to help out and be part of such a great club. We had the easy job, Marc.

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