May Day 10 learning to improve

9 May 2018 - By Marc Underdown

It is my mantra that perfection is something rarely achieved but we should nevertheless strive for it. So whilst May Day 10 was an undoubted success, given that this was the first year as a 10 mile race, I know that there will be things we can improve to make it even better next year. Obviously I was based at the HQ, so I didn’t get to see how things went for most of you, so I really welcome your feedback.

Think about:

  • what you think could be done differently to make things better / smoother / quicker, etc. Think about this from everyone’s perspective, i.e. MD10 runners, junior runners, spectators, and our volunteers.
  • what might have to be done differently assuming there were say 150 more runners – would this change how many people in your role, any other impacts (obviously more water / t-shirts etc!).
  • Did you improvise and do anything beyond the instructions which worked well and should be repeated.

Don’t hold back with your feedback! Either respond to this post, send me an email, or let me know any other way!

Finally, does anyone who was close to the resident who kindly sprayed runners with a hose, know exactly what house it was? I would like to say thank you to them, and maybe line them up again in the event it is hot in future years!

Thanks, Marc

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