Marks Hall Parkrun Arrangements 28/05/2022

25 May 2022 - By James Attenborough

A massive thank you again to all the volunteers.

We have managed to not only fill 19 paces but also 12 of the volunteer positions, if you would still like to volunteer, then here is the link, there are still a few roles available: future roster | Markshall Estate parkrun.

For those of you doing the car park duty, you will need to be in place by 8.10am, the rest of you we’ll see there and report to the volunteer co-ordinator when you arrive.

For those of you who have odd numbers, please be advised Marks Hall only have even numbered bibs, so therefore please wear a WRC top and bring a self created number for the back of your top.

To confirm these are your allocated paces:

20 – Andrew Smith
21 – Pete Banks
22- Dean Whittaker
23- Geoff Reddin
24- Rachel O’Leary
25 – James Attenborough
26 – Andrew Read
27- Sharon Read
28- Fiona Collins
29 – Annalise Tye
30 – Sarah Naughton
31 – Beth Shippey
32 – Lysia Jiggins
33 – Kevin Slattery
34 – Angela Read
35- Jodee Mayer
36- Patrick Hinchliffe
37 – Joe McEwan
38- Kerry Townsend


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