The Magnificent Seven at Halstead

8 May 2016 - By Stewart Waller

I remember in the film with that title the sun beat down relentlessly on the arid Mexican landscape. Well, whilst Halstead was not exactly arid, the sun certainly beat down mercilessly on all those who tackled Sundays marathon.

A testy undulating course (but nevertheless a good one) was made harder by the soaring temperatures on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that times and predictions went out of the window and to just complete the 26 and a bit miles was an ordeal and in doing so a fine achievement.

Leading the way for WRC was Leo Cole who paced himself well and finished with a great 3:35:19 (the winning time by the way was 2:48).

New member Cameron Steed, accompanied by his brother, did a cool 4:20:50. whilst “Tall Paul” Chandler managed 4:48:58.

Tracey Denby and Becky Grimwood were inseparable and both finished with a smile and a groan and a creditable 5:34:35.

Despite not picking the best day for his first marathon Tony Smith also managed to maintain his usual smile finishing in 5:52:19. A PB must surely await him at his next marathon.

Completing our Magnificent Seven was the magnificent Mr Peter Burns, who, despite having certain problems, clawed his way around the lanes to finish with 7:24:58 thus ensuring that he has entered and completed all 22 Halstead marathons.

Now it could have been the Magnificent Eight but “Big Dave” Howard, competing in his third marathon in as many weeks, succumbed to the charms of the bevvy of beauties manning our water station and decided that they had more to offer than another eight miles. A wise decision Dave – save it for Edinburgh!

Now talking of the water station, whilst it was a nightmare for the runners, it was great picnicking weather for the 14 WRC members who turned out to help out. These events can’t take place without such assistance and I know that our friends at Halstead Road Runners are very appreciative of the help that we give them. Thanks then to all who gave up their sunny Sunday to be there.

A few tear jerking pics will be in the Gallery shortly.


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