Magic Mile anyone?

29 May 2017 - By Steve Hennings

We know that many of you won’t lace up your running shoes for anything less than a 10K, but we’d like to gauge member interest in a 1 mile track race – our own Magic Mile, if you will?

The proposal would see us meeting at the Braintree track in late June, in the week following the conclusion of Martyn’s Track Sessions, so you are at your most speedy and well used to running at pace around the track.

Following a thorough warm up we’d run 3 timed mixed races of 1 mile (4 and a smidge laps of the track!).

Race groupings would be based on your own estimated race time and assuming there is at least one Male, Female entrant per race the first person over the finish line from each group would receive the Kudos from your fellow club members as well as your name living on in Internet prosperity on the Witham RC news feed.

We’ll be relying on your honesty in choosing the right race, and also the knowledge that most of us are followed closely by each other on Strava to keep us in line!

Everyone competing would also receive an accurately measured time for their efforts.

Below are the proposed groupings, but we’re happy to receive feedback/other suggestions. You can either run it as a flat out time trial, or run more tactically in order to try and crush your opposition in the home straight having sat on their shoulder for the previous 3 laps:-

1 – estimated race time of 8:00 and above

2 – estimated race time of 6:30 to 8:00 (23:00-26:30 5K time)

3 – estimated race time of 5:00 to 6:30 (17:00-22:00 5K time)


If you think this is something you’d be interested in, please leave a comment below or speak to a friendly committee member so we can gauge interest in running this initially as a one off


  1. Bill Smythe says:

    Sounds good Steve. I’m in.

  2. Geoffrey Reddin Geoffrey Reddin says:

    Yes please

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