Let them eat CAKE

6 October 2023 - By Jenny Layley

The XC season is rapidly approaching – and we all know what the most important part of the season is…..not the mud, not the spikes……Yep it’s the CAKE!!

So, we need you bakers to help make sure there is plenty for everyone and let’s throw some (not so) healthy competition in too.

As with the precedent from recent years we will be running Star Baker competitions each week with themes to get your creative juices flowing – and the themes this season are:

  • 29 October – Spooky Surprise
  • 26 November – Fabulous Forties (celebrating the Black and Gold 40th Birthday)
  • 10 December – Dreaming of a White Christmas
  • 21 January – Chinese New Year
  • 18 February – Sweet Valentine

Completely up to you to think about flavour/shape/colours that can fit with each of these themes.

To get an idea of dates and where we need to drum up more bakers, please use the sign-up sheet to say which dates you’ll be bringing the cake.

Best of luck


XC Bakers
Which dates would you like to bake a cake?
  • Karen Flowers – 29th October
  • Lysia Jiggins – 26th November
  • Dawn Shilling – 29th October
  • Anita Grainger – 10th December
  • Jenny LAYLEY – 29th October
  • Liz Stuckey – 10th December
  • James Attenborough – 26th November
  • Fiona Collins – 26th November
  • Celine Elson – 21st January
  • Vicki Riley – 18th February
  • Nicola Digby – 18th February
  • Nicola Digby – 18th February
  • Nicola Digbt – 29th October
  • Damien Walsh – 29th October
  • Claudia Baba – 26th November
  • Beth Shippey – 10th December
  • Kerry Townsend – 10th December
  • Kerry Townsend – 10th December
  • Angela Read – 10th December
  • Angela Read – 10th December

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