John Roberts – up and about

17 December 2015 - By David Jobling

John is up and about in Broomfield and improving since his arrival on Sunday evening. He’s not lost his brutal wit & sense of humour, he struggled to remember his date of birth for the nurse but when I asked him what his 5k PB was, he was quick to remind me – much to Ann’s amusement! And his marathon PB!

He asked how we all at WRC are doing and was interested to hear about the WRCgirls in Portsmouth action this weekend and knowing Market Hill well, he gave me a few pointers for tonight’s hill session there.

He’s hoping to be home ASAP now, Ann has his 10k World Champion top from Riccione 2002 there ready for him to put on.

We wish John a speedy recovery and both John & Ann a happy seasonal period – he’s hoping to see everyone at Benton Hall in February but may not make it to the BD5 this year.


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