John Roberts Summer 5k Series 2023 – General Info

8 April 2023 - By Annalise Tye

EDIT: handicap race date moved to 13th July.

As we are kicking off our pub runs, and new members are flocking to WRC, your captains know what it is you want:

  • To participate in a fun race with the club
  • To go to a pub for drinks (alcohol optional) and food
  • To spend more time with your fellow WRC members, chatting, supporting, and cheering

What is the answer you ask?

None other than the 2023 John Roberts Summer 5k Series!

I’ve heard of this series, but who is John Roberts?

John was a long serving member of WRC who sadly passed in 2018.

For avid readers of the Club Records page he will be a well known name, still holding three records in the 55-59 category, five in the 60-64 and another four in the 65-69 (though Owen Dare and Mark Austin are coming for these)!

John was at one time WRC’s only qualified coach and you can thank him for over 30 years of Thursday evening speed sessions and commitment. The series was named in recognition of his significant contribution and the introduction of regular internal 5k races and time trials into our training schedule.

If you have a few moments you can read more here (and spot some familiar faces!):

You’ve piqued my interest – tell me more

This is a series of four 5k runs held across the summer that awards not only the overall winners (from runners who participate in at least 2 races and the handicap), but the handicap winners as well. And there are club champ points up for grabs for everyone!

The final race is a handicap. Based on performance of the prior 3 races, everyone has their tailored staggered start time. The aim: WRC crossing the finish line together.

I’m in! Tell me when and where

The 5ks will replace the Thursday Speed Development Session on 4 dates over the summer, with the race starting at around 7.30pm. The route follows the summer 5k from the top of Maldon Road in Kelvedon, ending at The Angel for food and beverages. The dates are:

  1. Race 1 – 4th May
  2. Race 2 – 25th May
  3. Race 3 – 29th June
  4. Handicap finale – 13th July

The beauty of spreading out these races is a really great opportunity to improve on your times.

Love it! I want to help out 

These events wouldn’t be able to run without support from volunteers on marshaling, timekeeping, set-up etc. Please look out for a volunteer post ahead of each of the races!

As always, club points up for grabs for those volunteering heroes.

We look forward to providing you more details and seeing you there soon!

Your captain and vice,

Annalise and Jodee


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