Inter Club Championship – Crowned Champions

20 February 2022 - By Tom Ashley

Today saw another solid turn out by WRC, including those involved in the Inter Club XC Championship.

Thank you to all those involved who took part in this socially competitive competition and for those who have helped me along the way with gathering scores, especially Jason, Nat and Beth.

So, going into the final race at Hadleigh, it really could have been anyones for the taking. In the end, as always, it came down to the team who had the biggest turn out.

The Wildcats, who were propping up the bottom of the table had a great fight back and managed to finish in 3rd place, but were very close to the Wolves who held onto their 2nd place. Sadly for the Wasps, they were swatted hard and fell into 4th.

The Whippets, who were in the lead before the start of play ended up having their best scoring race of the season. They clearly meant business!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021/22 Inter Club Championship – The Whippets.

Whippets of Witham
Angela Wray
Clive Smith
Dawn Shilling
Heydon Mizon
James Montgomery
John Lloyd
Lisa Leader
Liz Prior
Mark Austin
Owen Dare
Paul Jiggins
Sharon Read
Tony Wallen


Thank you to Natalie Lilley who announced that her wrist band is now full of snot, you can all keep your wrist bands and add it to whatever collection you may have!

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