In Memory Of Peter Burns

9 June 2023 - By Colin Short

A lot of our members won’t have known Peter Burns but he was a stalwart of the club for many years.

Up until a couple of years ago he had run every Halstead Marathon, in fact being given the coveted Number One for his achievement. He had run 272 marathons in his illustrious career. About ten years ago he was diagnosed with a lung problem and was given only six months to live and to his credit, if that’s the right word, he hung on for all that time and only really got worse in the last couple of years. In fact he used to walk marathons with an oxygen bottle strapped to his back which would last till half way, and there was Mary his dedicated wife, with another bottle to swap over so he could finish his race! In these races the organisers would let him start 1-2 hours before the main field which was generous, magnanimous I think is the right word, of them.

Although Peter was Scottish, from Dundee, he was laid to rest in Ireland on Wednesday, the 7th of June. I believe this is because of Mary’s birthplace and they have many friends and family in the Emerald Isle. A memorial service will be held in Witham on the 18th of July at midday in the Holy Family church of which Peter and Mary were attendees. Anyone wishing to attend are most welcome.

RIP Peter.

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