Harwich 53-12 Cross Country Results

4 December 2016 - By Anita Grainger

On another sunny crisp morning 35 WRC members took part in the 2nd cross country race of the 53-12 league. Harwich is known for being a rather muddy course round ploughed fields however today the ground was much firmer making it a bit easier to run on, rather than through.

The club put in another solid performance with the ladies holding 3rd position and the men improving from 5th to 4th. Overall the club came 3rd, 1 place up from the 1st race and have now moved up to 3rd in the league, what a fantastic result! It was great to see new faces amongst the WRC team trying out cross country for the first time.

Thanks go to our awesome support crew of David Hunt; clipboard manager extraordinaire & photographer, Martina Byrne; photographer, Tracey Denby; enthusiastic supporter and coffee provider. Thanks to Emma and David for supplying this week’s cakes don’t think they touched the sides!

Now onto the complicated bit…. although only the first 4 ladies and 8 men score here are more examples of how non scoring runners can affect placings;

In the ladies 5 of our ladies came in front of Springfield’s 2nd runner, 6 in front of their 3rd runner and 8 in front of their 4th runner. 5 of our ladies came in front of the 4th Harwich runner (almost 6, sorry I got overtaken by the 4th Harwich runner and 2nd Springfield strider….will try harder next week).

In the men 13 of our men came in front of Springfield’s 8th man. 11 of our men came in in front of the 6th Great Bentley runner & 13 in front of their 7th & 8th runner.

Non-scoring men also help to push the scoring ladies along offering great tugs. All the men were near scoring ladies, either WRC scoring ones or WCR non-scoring ones trying to push down scoring ones from other clubs!

Putting all that aside the team spirit helps EVERYONE to have a good race and enjoy the experience.

The next race is on 11th December at Gosfield for a jaunt through the woods. Let’s continue to build on our solid performances so far, showing we should remain in Division A. Look forward to seeing you ALL there!

Well done everyone, full results & tables below

Ladies Position
Vicky Hunt 9
Liz Stuckey 12
Brigid Wallen 22
Charlotte Elms 24
Sharon Carr 31
Anita Grainger 38
Louise Pascoe 50
Emma Sweeney 60
Dawn Shilling 71
Becky Grimwood 73
Sasha Rush 82
Jane Noble 84
Men Position
Mark Finbow 13
Chris Martin 16
Heydon Mizon 26
Dave Campbell 31
Scott Darney 35
James Crisp 42
Pete Riley 46
Trevor Scott 62
Andrew Lager 74
Steve Watson 76
Marc Underdown 81
Mark Austin 87
Simon Scott 91
Tony Wallen 108
Alex Stuckey 125
Steve Hennings 139
Bill Smythe 142
David Enders 146
Dave Jobling 159
Adam Hocken 162
James Kennerley 172
Dave Holdich 184
Geoff Reddin 185

Mens & Ladies tables

1 Ipswich Jaffa 112 1 Ipswich Jaffa 19
2 Colchester Harriers 131 2 Colchester Harriers 42
3 Springfield Striders 251 3 Witham 67
4 Witham 271 4 Great Bentley 73
5 Harwich Runners 315 5 Harwich Runners 78
6 Great Bentley 515 6 Springfield Striders 163

League table

1 Ipswich Jaffa 2 6 131 1= Colchester Harriers 11
2 Colchester Harriers 4 5 173 1= Ipswich Jaffa 11
3 Witham 7 4 338 3 Witham 7
4 Springfield Striders 9 3 414 4 Harwich Runners 6
5 Harwich Runners 10 2 393 5 Springfield Striders 5
6 Great Bentley 10 1 588 6 Great Bentley 2


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