Halstead Marathon

16 February 2023 - By Stewart Waller

Yes, it’s that the time of year again. Goes quickly doesn’t it?

It’s when I seek volunteers to help operate our water station at the Halstead Marathon which is on the 14th May.

Apart from helping our friends at Halstead Road Runners it is also the chance to support our own fearless members taking on this challenging but great course.

Those that have helped out in previous years will confirm that it is a lot of fun whilst also affording the opportunity to earn some club championship points.

I’ll post further details later but, in the meantime, if you can spare a few hours please let me know via the form below or when you next see me (I’ll be at the club ‘do’ on the 25th all togged up!)

Hope to see you then.

Halstead Volunteers
    • Karen Flowers
    • Shane Ketteridge
    • Céline
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Sasha
    • Maxine Leech
    • Annalise Tye
    • Andrew Read
    • Jodee Mayer
    • Jenny Layley
    • Owen Dare
    • Kerry Townsend
    • Colsey
    • Natalie Lilley

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