Halstead Marathon

25 February 2022 - By Stewart Waller

Yes, I’m still here and on the rare occasion you hear from me it’s usually because I want something – help!

The Halstead Marathon is back (can’t quite remember why it was previously cancelled ??) and will take place on Sunday 8th May.  For many a long a year Witham RC has ‘personed’ (I’m trying to be politically correct) the No3 water station. Not only does it give us the opportunity to assist our friends at Halstead Road Runners but also the chance to support any Witham members taking part. In addition it is a lot of fun – honestly.

If you are able to spare a few hours please add your name below.

Apart from gaining yet another T shirt you will also be awarded points towards your club championship tally and I can remember when these were the difference between winning and coming second!

Incidentally, if you are looking for a marathon to take part in the Halstead is a good one – I can just about remember. Not exactly flat but a great rural course with lots of support it has been consistently in the top 5 rated English marathons.

More details to follow later.  In the meantime thanks and hope to see you there.


Halstead Volunteers
    • Jodee Mayer
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Colin Short
    • Karen Flowers
    • Beth Shippey
    • Jenny Layley
    • Ken jones
    • Sasha
    • Kerry T
    • Celine Elson
    • Tom Ashley
    • Anthony Smith



  1. Dean Whittaker Dean Whittaker says:

    Hi Stewart, apologies but due to a change in my wife’s work commitments that weekend I can no longer help out at the water station. Sorry.

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