Halstead Marathon 14th May

14 April 2023 - By Stewart Waller

Many thanks to those thrill seekers who have volunteered to assist at our Halstead Marathon water station on the 14th May. I will post more details nearer the time but if you haven’t yet enlisted it’s not too late. We need the help AND you get club championship points ( sadly they are the only ones I get these days) so please add your name to this post.

In addition it’s not too late to enter the marathon. As I have said before it’s a cracker, if not a little undulating, so make the most of your London, or otherwise, training and do the double. I also think that there are still one or two free places available – enquiries welcome!
See you there,

Halstead Volunteers
    • Jodee Mayer
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Colin Short
    • Karen Flowers
    • Beth Shippey
    • Jenny Layley
    • Ken jones
    • Sasha
    • Kerry T
    • Celine Elson
    • Tom Ashley
    • Anthony Smith

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