Group Leaders for Tuesday Evening Club Runs

28 May 2017 - By Graham Eyre

Hello All,

After last Tuesday evenings run from Terling it has become apparent the club need to put out a reminder of the group leaders role and the running etiquette we require from everyone running.  The group leaders role is to set the correct pace for the group, ensure everyone stays as a group, (meaning turn backs if necessary) and as far as is practical keep everyone safe. The runners responsibility is to listen to any instructions from the group leader and be aware of everyone else in the group. That way the group can work as a team, and make the group leaders role easier. Apparently this did not happen with all groups last week and led to a somewhat less than pleasurable experience for some. 

WRC has a great reputation for being a friendly and inclusive club and we want to maintain this. Most of us know that good feedback travels 5k and bad feedback goes the full marathon distance. Lets all help keep feedback positive.

Thank you


Coach Co-ordinator

  • Have a purpose for your training session (Recovery/Tempo Run) It will dictate your speed group.
  • Ensure you use the first mile to warm up as most of us go straight into the run without warm up/drills.
  • Run as a group. Turn back when necessary and fall in behind the back marker. It’s important to keep moving, not get ahead and stop on the corner till others catch up.
  • Do not drop down from your usual speed group and then push the pace. Allow the regular runners of the group to lead the way.
  • If dropping down in speed consider offering to lead a group who may want an intermediate step between the minute and half minute pace. i.e. 7:45, 8:15, 8:45
  • Until daylight hours allow, Hi-Vis is required (that means reflective not just yellow)
  • Check the web site for the route and make the Chairman’s job easier by offering to lead a group. Don’t always leave it to the same people.
  • Consider slowing the tempo down for the last half mile of the run so you finish comfortably, it is not a race.
  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself.

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