Great Notley Parkrun 2nd Birthday

26 June 2016 - By Anita Grainger

WRC were out in force to celebrate Great Notley Parkrun’s 2nd Birthday. A lot of members embraced the fun spirit dressing up in various fancy dress attire with Pirates, Cheerleaders, Tigger & Pooh. It was good to see James, Kim & Joel Farren aka Willy Wonka and his Umpa Lumpas! Len, the race director, made the club feel very welcome as always and had encouraged all local clubs to bring banners so we put up our club sails and gazebo. A lot of the runners had entered into the party spirit, Bananaman, a fairy and a couple of frogmen ran the course. Rumours have it that the frogmen were planning a dip in the lake en route, not sure if they did although they seemed to finish a while after most! The weather was warm and humid but that didn’t stop any of our fun.

Heydon and Otto led the way coming in first , I hear Otto tried to head for the finish after just one lap…. he’s keen! Heydon, although not dressed up, can be quoted as willing to have worn a grass skirt…. We may hold you to that on the next fancy dress one, don’t think it would slow you down though!

It was good to see the juniors out joining in the fun & there are some great pics on the Great Notley Parkrun FB site (link below)  notably Nicholas sticking his tongue out at his mum Anita on the sprint for the finish closely before he demonstrated his mastery of levitation.

Great Notley Parkrun

Thanks to Marc Underdown for organising the Gazebo and Colleen Rae & David Grainger for Marshalling. Full results below.



Posn Name Time
1 Heydon MIZON 18:15
16 Lee PEMBROKE 21:26
33 Paul THOMAS 23:32
99 Joel FARREN Junior 28:16
113 Ronald Martin WILLIAMS Junior 28:43
122 Dawn SHILLING 29:27
144 Nicholas GRAINGER Junior 30:45
145 Anita GRAINGER 30:46
165 Kim FARREN 31:51
166 James FARREN 31:52
169 Kristyna WOOD Junior 31:57
188 Natalie PEPPER Junior 32:54
217 Joshua RAE Junior 34:19
220 Martin RAE 34:28
228 Tracey DENBY 35:05
257 Ellie BECKERLEG Junior 39:48
258 Shawn BECKERLEG 39:48
279 Daniel WARDEN 50:29


  1. Tracey Denby says:

    Naimh Mcnulty finished in position 227 in a time by my Garmin 34.56 which is the second PB of the day for her, No 1 was continuously running that distance in the first place. Very well done Niamh, Fantastic running.
    Aine Mcnulty also finished in position 234? we do not have her time available. Well done Aine
    Please all remember to take your barcodes to the park runs with you in order to get your result recorded.

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