First two pub runs

4 May 2018 - By Stewart Waller

The first two pub runs of the summer (well certainly the first) took place in less than ideal conditions resulting in slightly less members than usual staying on afterwards for food. Coincidentally the tally for both nights was 22. However, with the forecast for next Tuesday evening indicating that it will be sunny and warm (if not hot!) I expect the attendance to greatly increase especially as our run will be from the very popular Old Crown in Messing (CO5 9TU).

The route takes in part of the Tiptree 10 course which means a gentle thirst invoking climb back to the pub but being on very quiet roads it’s a good one. There is one draw back however and that’s the parking. This is somewhat limited at the pub so you may need to park by the church or in the road leading from it to The Old Crown but please don’t inconvenience the locals. If there ever was a venue for car sharing this is it!

See you there.

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