Fast and Fun at the Arundel Triathlon

18 July 2017 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday, Liz and Alex Stuckey with Tony Wallen took part in the Arundel Triathlon. The 1500 meter swim took place in the River Arun, which is the 2nd fastest flowing river in the UK and due to the tides, with slack tide being at 6am, there was a silly o’clock start for all. There were 9 waves in 3 minute intervals, with a 200 meter upstream swim before a turn round for the remainder of the swim. The strong current was evident from the swim times posted which also included a lengthy run from the water, over a bridge and into transition!

Then out onto the bike course, which being in the South Downs can best be described as undulating. A fun course some with very fast sections; some tough climbs but with fast descents. However, the course was slightly short at approx. 23.3 miles.

Then onto the run. A tough 10kms made up of 2 hilly laps and mostly off-road on stony paths which went from the town of Arundel up to the magnificent castle providing some stunning views, there was a consolatory run down hill! Apparently Alex’s face at the end of the first lap said it all!

Both Alex and Liz were rewarded with Olympic distance pb’s for their efforts!

Well done all.

Swim:    00:24:35
Bike:    01:15:25
Run:     00:47:08
Overall: 02:30:17

Swim:    00:26:51
Bike:    01:14:50
Run:     00:47.11
Overall: 02:31:15

Swim:    00:28:49
Bike:    01:14:30
Run:     00:49:17
Overall: 02:35:50

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