Essex Way Relay Report for 04/09/2022

5 September 2022 - By Steven Alder

What a glorious day we had at the Essex Way Relay. We had 2 teams spread from Epping to Harwich (approx 82 miles split into 10 legs) which start times throughout the day.

DJ organised for the recce of Leg 5, which goes from Cressing to Great Tey, as we looked after this leg. W then set up at the start ready for race day thanks to DJ, Anita Grainger, Ian Lucas and Steven Alder. Anita had the great idea to tick people off for the start as they walk through the gate and telling them they could no longer ‘escape’. They were then greeted at the end of the leg in Great Tey by the volunteers Jodee Mayer (until she started leg 6), Rachel O’Leary, Ben O’Leary and Steven Alder. We were grateful all 66 runners made it to the end, although I was glad that Bill had warned us that some people may finish the leg by ‘appearing’ from a hedge – which a few actually did! We received many messages of thanks from the runners.

We had 2 teams spread across the region and the position that everyone crossed the finish line was important, dictating how many points you scored.

Team A was made up of (in order of leg) Dawn Shilling, Sam Hajder, Terry Alabaster, Andrew Smith, Peter Banks, Jodee Mayer, Geoff Reddin, Rachel O’Leary, Shane Ketteridge and Dave Jobling. Overall, Team A came 22nd in the Mixed category and 31st overall with 72 teams running.

Team B was made up of (in order of leg) Andrew Read, Lysia Jiggins, Andrew Smith, Celine Elson, Karen Flowes, Dawn Shilling, Angela Wray, Steven Alder, Clarice Sanderson and Ian Lucas. Overall, Team B came 33rd in the mixed category and 46th overall with 72 teams running.

All of our runners made it safely back to the end, although Sam did end up getting stung by a bee. A special mention to Dawn who after completing the first leg then went off to Leg 6 (totalling 13.2 miles), Roo who completed Leg 3 then went on to immediately complete Leg 4 (totalling 19.5 miles) and Banksy who signed up for Leg 5 on race day.

A huge well done to all who ran and volunteered and a thank you from me for your support as the Team Manager.

Click here for the full set of results

Steven Alder

Runners at the start of Leg 5


  1. Bill smythe says:

    A big thank you to Steven for stepping in as Team Manager at short notice.

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