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10 February 2022 - By Scott Darney

The Human Performance Unit at the Essex University are offering a 10% discount on their Incremental Treadmill Tests for member of Witham RC.

The test involves running on a treadmill with the effort increasing every 3 minutes whilst measuring your expired oxygen and carbon dioxide through a mask and your lactate levels through a small pin-prick in your ear.

The data will then be used to determine your maximal aerobic capacity (VO2 Max), aerobic threshold and anaerobic (Lactate) threshold.

This information is particularly useful for endurance runners as it enables you to improve your Lactate Threshold by training at an accurate HR rather than the rule of thumb Lactate Threshold pace that allot of us use being 10k/10m pace or pace we can hold for an hour.

The body breaks down Glucose for energy and a by-product of this process is Lactic Acid (or Lactate).  The body can also convert Lactate into energy but in limited quantities.  Lactate  Threshold is the point at which you are producing more Lactate than your body can remove.

Training at or around your Lactate Threshold enables your body to make this process more efficient meaning you can go faster before you reach your Lactate Threshold.

Training at the desired intensities can result in lower heart rate or oxygen consumption for the same intensity, or enable you to run at faster running speeds for the same ‘physiological response’. This test will enable you to consistently train at the correct Lactate Threshold Heart Rate.

Other services available from the Human Performance Unit:

The Incremental Treadmill Test is usually £80 but available at the discounted rate of £72 for a limited time only for members of WRC.

If you are interested, you must enter your full name in the form below and then email the Human Performance Unit at to request details on availability and quote the discount code “WRC2022”.

The discount will not be accepted if you are not in the list below and do not quote the code.

Any questions please let me know.


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