Cycling Time Trials

11 April 2017 - By James Crisp

Dear All

Now that the weather is starting to warming up it should be more fun to get out of the bike. With this in mind and the Tri season fast approaching. I note the following in respect of cycling time trials.

The Club is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT), therefore members are able to enter time trial events.

There are restrictions on some events where you need to be member of other associations or have minimum time requirements to enter. To ride an event you need to log in to the CTT website to register and obtain a password/login. There is an event finder on the website. To filter we are in the London East Region which should be bringing up local events and courses (all the local courses have an E Prefix) and there should be a map showing their route. As I have noted previously some are on fairly busy roads and quite often have early start times to avoid traffic Events can be from 10 miles to 12 hour events. Generally the costs to enter are not too expensive.

Some clubs also have evening time trails where you can just turn up, sign on and pay a small fee and ride. I attach a copy of the Colchester Rovers Calendar  which lists various events including an evening 10 at Peldon on Wednesday 3 May. Maldon CC also have evening 10 miles time trials which start in Steeple (The Star Public) house which run from 11th April to 22nd August (start times between 18.30 – 19.00 according to dates. See their website for more details) .

If anyone would like any further information please let me know.

Provisional schedule of dates are available here.

Trevor Johnson

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