Cross Keys parking

3 July 2017 - By Marc Underdown

Further to Colesy’s note, please note these further parking instructions. There is very limited parking at the pub, and endorse what Colin said about avoiding parking up the road causing issues for residents. After liaising with the Parish Council, we gained permission to use the village hall car park which is at the top of the hill (towards Black Notley). Please note that there is a dance class using the hall, and cars will arrive from around 7:30 to pick the children up. We have therefore been asked to park at the back of the car park, and try to leave some space for cars to temporarily park for pick ups.

After the run, we have also been asked if whoever is the last person to leave the car park could pull the gate shut behind them.

As Colsey said there is also the option of parking at the station, which is up the hill in the Cressing direction. It goes without saying that we really encourage car sharing for tomorrow’s run, which will give you a taster of the two legs of the Essex Way run.

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