Cross Country Season has Started – Weekend XC Results – HorseHeath Essex League and Springfield 53-12 Results – WRC Starts off the 53-12 season in 3rd!

29 October 2017 - By Anita Grainger


Well what a fantastic start to the cross country season we had this weekend. Dave Jobling ventured up to Cambridge on Sat to check out the Essex league as a warm up for today and finished 199th in the mens race.

At today’s 53-12 race , our main event, WRC fielded a team of 43 runners and numerous supporters showing we had arrived 😊

The course starts at the back of Writtle Agricultural College with a mass ‘dash’ across the grass before a couple of sharp congested left hand corners round the trees then continues on the lap round the field before heading round the lake. After going round the edge of the lake, which can be a bit tricky, in place the course heads off round the fields with a ploughed field thrown in for good measure. There are ups and downs, mud and a water jump to add to the fun before heading back for a final lap of the lake and dash to the finish.

Rachel Sweat made her cross country debut for the club putting in a solid performance to come in 1st  in the ladies race, Tanya Nash enjoyed her debut & I understand gave Dave Jobling a run for his money as she stepped it up a gear towards the end leaving him for dust! Sasha Rush continues to improve and has climbed 20 places in the ladies results compared to last season.  Mark Finbow was our first man home coming in 16th with Chris Martin closely on his heels finishing 17th. Nebay Debusey and David Stevens both finished in the mix with the scorers.  It was great to see so many new faces running for the club today adding to the strength of the teams and team camaraderie.

In true WRC style we had a great entourage of supporters offering lots on encouragement, including Henry Kennerly our youngest supporter and potential recruit, although I hear he slept through most of the race! Thanks to James Crisp, Simon Scott and David Hunt for providing cakes, I don’t think there was much left after the hungry hoards descended post run. Thanks to Sue Smith, Simon Scott and Anita Grainger for taking photos and to Theresa and Anita for manning the results clipboard and making sure tokens were actively encouraged from our runners after they finished, before they had chance to lose them!

The ladies finished 4th and the men 3rd with WRC  finishing in 3rd overall which is a fantastic start to the season. Let’s build on this solid base at race number 2 next weekend at Harwich.

The full individual results will be on the 53-12 website tomorrow at which point I can see which of our non-scoring runners knocked scoring runners down to demonstrate how important EVERY runner is. I’m pretty sure that 6 of our ladies knocked scoring runners down but will check and I expect the men did too given the consolidation of places around the 60-80 mark.

Individual WRC results below


Ladies Postion
Rachel Sweatt 1
Liz Stuckey 19
Charlotte Elms 23
Brigid Wallen 39
Tanya Nash 41
Angela Manley 47
Sasha Rush 70
Dawn Shilling 74
Penny Clarke 100
Men Position
Mark Finbow 16
Chris Martin 17
Heydon Mizon 20
James Crisp 25
Nebay Debusay 27
Scott Darney 29
David Stevens 36
Andrew Lager 51
Leo Cole 56
David Hunt 67
Daniel Beckerleg 80
Marc Underdown 81
Stuart Mills 82
Lee Pembroke 94
Matt Fabyonic 97
Tony Faulkner 101
Bill Smythe 108
Alex Stuckey 116
Mark Austin 120
Tony Wallen 128
David Mason 132
Nik Bainbridge 148
Thomas Ashley 150
Daniel Moore 168
David Jobling 181
Steve Hennings 184
James Montgomery 185
Colin Short 188
Andy White 189
Paul Hedger 200
David Toombs 201
David Beckerleg 209
Ben Miller 211
Nick Manley 214


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