Coaching Team Recruitment

14 April 2023 - By Jodee Mayer

Whilst we currently have a good number of coaches, we are always interested in hearing from people who may want to join the coaching team! If any WRC member is interested in joining the coaching team, they are encouraged to reach out to any of us to have a discussion about what is expected of a WRC coach and what being a coach at the club involves, the main role being leading Thursday night speed development sessions.

You might already hold your LiRF, CiRF, or other EA coaching qualification but not have been a member of the coaching team either at all or for a while.

You might have had to dial your running back for one reason or another, but you are still an active member and looking for other ways to get involved. 

You might be a member who wants to get more involved in the club, as well as learn more about running and coaching. 

Requirements for members who might be considering becoming a WRC coach and who do not already hold a CiRF qualification are that:

  • you must have been a member of WRC for a minimum of 6 months
  • you must have successfully led a minimum of 4 Tuesday Night run Groups (including but not limited to the WRC Pub Runs)
  • you must regularly attend the Speed Development Sessions
  • you will be required to shadow at least 1 Speed Development Session lead by a CiRF qualified coach
  • you must possess the necessary leadership and communication skills required
  • you must set an example in running etiquette and behaviour at all time and not just when Leading a session.
  • you must be confident leading large groups of athletes of various ages and abilities.

However, if you are interested in being a coach and, for example, haven’t been a member of the club for 6 months yet or haven’t led any Tuesday night runs yet, do still reach out to have a discussion.

All prospective coaches will be reviewed by the whole coaching team for suitability.

The WRC coaching team have a code of conduct, appending the England Athletics code of conduct, which all coaches must sign up to and must adhere to whilst a member of the coaching team. A copy can be provided to any member who is interested in becoming a WRC coach. The Code of Conduct includes a list of criteria which all coaches must adhere to, which includes:

  • adhering to all WRC published guides including, but not limited to, Club Running Etiquette
  • being diligent with performing adequate warm-up and cool down prior to any session or race
  • being disciplined and responsible with injuries by advising injured runners not to run or race whilst injured and by setting an example by not running or racing whilst injured

I look forward to being inundated with messages!


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