Club Champs 2023 Kick Off!!

26 January 2023 - By James Blackshaw

And just like that 2023 rolls in, and we kick off a whole new club champs competition.

There a few minor updates from last year: We now have NINE different 5k races to choose from (so, y’know, no excuse), and there are four 10k races selected, because of the fact that Bromley 10k clashes with the Essex Road Relays.

For those of you who are new or need a recap, the official rules of the competition are here.

The races that been selected for this years competition are here.

And the club champs table for 2023 is here. Yes, some of you already have points!


Admittedly, the winners of the 2022 competition haven’t been announced (the 2022 table on the website hasn’t been updated for secrecy), so you’ll have to wait until the awards night for that.


Don’t forget, the whole competition is age graded, so literally anyway can win. The minimum requirement is maximum efforrt!

Any questions or issues, please let me know.


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