Club Championship 2015

22 February 2016 - By Marc Underdown

Now that the presentation dinner has passed, I can finally publish the 2015 club championship tables. As many of you know, the club championship was changed last year to add a ‘commitment’ element to how points are accrued.  This reflected our aim to recognise those people who represent the club the most, particularly in the team races. It was great to see that the new system created more discussion and rivalry over the year, and in theory it made the winners less predictable.

In the ladies championship, Brigid Wallen ‘smashed it’ by both accumulating the most ‘performance’ points and also the most commitment points. Behind her, Liz had a fantastic year setting new PB’s and amassed a great score to finish second.

The men’s competition was close throughout the year between Mark Austin and Pete Riley. In the end, it was the new PB’s Mark set in the autumn that stretched his lead out, and he deservedly took the title, jointly matching the highest number of commitment points. Both Mark and Pete accumulated over 3830 ‘performance’ points, reflecting the high standard of their running relative to their age.

The full table can be found by clicking on ‘Awards’ and then ‘Club Champ Table’.

The 2016 club championship is underway, so will we see any new challengers emerging this year? Over to you!

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