Charity Book Sale

25 September 2022 - By Colin Short

Hi all.

I am having a clear out at home and have a plethora (what a good word!) of books which I was intending to donate to various charities. Then I thought why not advertise them at the club and all proceeds still to go to charity. This kills two birds with one stone – it saves me lugging them about to various charity shops and they still benefit from the sales!

I have autobiographies and biographies of celebrities and sports stars, gardening books and cookbooks, all in as new condition. I’m thinking £2 each or a bargain 6 for £10 (sneakily two of you could club together and get 3 for £5)! I will have a list with me on Tuesday club night.

I also have a set of Epsom Multipack 18 (Daisy) inks bought in error. They cost me £30 – going half price £15.

Regards Colsey

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